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To The Mayor: August 16, 2017

Title: To The Mayor: August 16, 2017
USCM & ADL launch Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism, and Bigotry.
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August 16, 2017
Washington, D.C.

USCM & ADL - Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism, and Bigotry

Last night, I sent you a letter and statement of concern and action in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The ADL monitors hate group activity and we have been their partners through the years, including our efforts to get hate certain crimes to be included and defined by Congress.

During this period of increased hate group activity, violent and non-violent, it is important that we are aware of plans so we can be altered as mayors want peaceful demonstrations.

Based on the reports we are getting, plans for more demonstrations will continue.

Please join with us as we join the ADL to stand against hate, extremism, and bigotry.

Click here to sign on to the commitment.

Robert E. Lee V, Great-Great-Grandson - Statement from Family Denounces Charlottesville "No Place for Hate"

Three days after the Charlottesville events which erupted into clashing violence and death, the great great grandson of General Robert E. Lee, Robert E. Lee V is publically discussing his views on Charlottesville, the monuments to his ancestor along with a family statement.

Robert E. Lee V said of what happened in Charlottesville, "We don't believe in that whatsoever. Our belief is that General Lee would not tolerate that sort of behavior either. His first thing to do after the Civil War was to bring the Union back together, so we could be a more unified country. We don't want people ot hide behind Robert E. Lee's name and his life for these senseless acts of violence that occurred Saturday."

As to his ancestor's statue, Mr. Lee said, "I think it is absolutely an option to move it to a museum and put it in the proper historical context... if you want to put statues of General Lee or other Confederate people in museums, that makes good sense." Lee expressed the hope that individual cities and towns will "take it over and decide what makes sense for them in the times we are living in today."

Click here to read the statement from the Lee family.

Here's a Fact.

Robert E. Lee graduated second in his class at Westpoint. After the Civil War started, he was in the United States Army. On April 12, 1861, he was offered Command of the United States Army. Lee resigned his U.S. Army position on April 20, 1861 and accepted command of Confederate troops in Virginia.


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