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Re: Hello, you might want to visit a meeting of the Housing Opportunities Action Council? Thanks. Bill Glassmire

​Dear Mr. Glassmire,

Thank you for your gracious reply.  Your suggestion to attend the upcoming HOAC prompted me to read through the mid-point update (August 7 meeting packet) which I now realize I should have done sooner. My impression is this plan is more realistic and holds more promise of meaningful outcomes than the first 10-year plan.  This comprehensive effort at building support systems, housing continuums, and developing metrics is most welcome.

I will make every effort to attend the 8/23 meeting.

Thank you so much for your involvement and perseverance. 

Jan Napack



On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 3:55 PM, <ward7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
August 18, 2017

This is Bill Glassmire, one of the city councilors. I trust that this finds you well.

Thank you for your thoughtful emails about the cold weather shelter and housing. I appreciate your taking the time and energy to chip in to the conversation.

Perhaps you know about the Housing Opportunities Action Council? HOAC is a workgroup including representatives from the city, the county, and several nonprofit agencies. Its primary charge is to update the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness and to coordinate implementation work for the updated plan. If you have time and energy, you might like to attend a meeting of the HOAC. The next meeting is Wednesday August 23, 1:30PM, I think in the council chambers at the downtown fire station.

Here is a link to the HOAC website and meeting materials:

Thanks again for your contribution. Enjoy the weekend.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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NAME/ADDRESS:  Jan Napack,  4998 SW Hollyhock Cir
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MEETING DATE:  8/28/2017
Dear Councilor York and City Commissioners,
First, thank you for your continuous efforts and dedication in shepherding our city through challenging times.
Next, I wanted to say I am gratified that our community has found a temporary cold-weather shelter for the coming year. But I wish to emphasize that we need long term solutions, the most promising of which envelops the 'housing first' model for our forever-inebriated and not-so-with-it brethren that constitute much of the clientele that inhabit such shelters. We need to move as aggressively as possible toward a system that does not enable, that does not prolong, and that does not condone dependency.
It will certainly take more money and effort than we now have but it must be our collective goal to help people help themselves.
With hope and appreciation,
Jan Napack
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