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First Line Supervision Fundamentals—Webinar Training

Using discipline to get the best out of your employees.
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First Line Supervision Fundamentals
  Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.)
Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.)
2:00-4:00 p.m., Thursday, August 24
This webinar is designed to provide public safety professionals with an overview of the existing leadership development training offered by DCG throughout the country. We will discuss the process of influencing individuals by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while achieving the goals of the organization. In addition, we will review the concepts of developing the right mindset, performance theory, management, supervision, leadership, and principles of motivation. Lastly, it will reveal what effective leaders do to improve morale and organizational effectiveness.

Webinar Objectives:
  • Discovering What Effective Leaders do to Improve Morale & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Performance Theory
  • Developing the Right “Mindset”
  • What Employees Say They Admire Most in Managers & Supervisors
  • Effectively Identify and Confront Problem Employee and Supervisory Behaviors
  • Chief Dolan’s Motivation Keys:
    • Raise Expectations, tell them why, and involve team members in decision making, particularly in those areas impacting their work environment.
    • Show them what right looks like (Military Phrase)
    • Demonstrate enthusiasm whenever and wherever possible.
    • Keep Your Sense of Humor!
    • Put talent where it wants and needs to be.
    • If you don’t know what motivates a person, ask.
    • Constantly recognize individual and team successes; it’s critical to moving the organization forward.
    • It’s OK to SPAR respectfully at meetings; it avoids Group Think and the Abilene Paradox.
    • “Keep it fundamental” Simplicity
    • Trust, Delegate and "Inspect What You Expect."
  • “Chief Dolan’s Proximity Conundrum” & “Knock it Off” Principle
    • “Why do supervisors and managers find it so difficult to hold subordinates accountable and track performance?”
    • "An increase in the frequency of ‘Knock it Off Meetings’ directly corresponds with a decrease in Disciplinary Actions."
  • Review Webinar Take-A-Ways & Closing Comments

Individual fee $95; Group rate $95 for first attendee and $25 for each additional person; Training Room special $500 for up to 40 attendees
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