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PUBLIC INPUT: Public transportation

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Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2017 4:26 PM
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Submission recorded on : 8/31/2017 4:25:34 PM
NAME/ADDRESS:   Addison Sennett,  1020 we 35 Th st
TOPIC:  Public transportation
MEETING DATE:  8/1/2017
Overall I am happy with the transit system in this town. My one and only complaint is the operators drive way faster than I feel is safe. More often than not I find the operators to be a bit to reckless while transporting the community this taking the risk of putting other lives or health in danger. Normally I am not one to complain but on this day 8/31/17 at 4:00pm  I was onboard bus number 752 route 3 south bound the operator was driving faster than the posted speed limit. As I was preparing to get off the bus the female operator hit the brakes much to hard and I was flung beyond the yellow line to which she scolded me for it. When I told her that she had hit the brakes too hard she proceeded to rudely argue with me as I was stepping off of the bus. I had signaled for a stop well in advance giving her plenty of time to safely stop the bus, but I suppose she was in too much of a rush to concern herself with the safety of her passengers. I understand this bus system is free  but I do not feel like the safety of its passengers should be ignored for it. I find this experience along with others needs to be delt with reckless driving is a major issue in this community and I am surprised to find that public transit operators are not fined for this.
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