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PUBLIC INPUT: Actions on Climate Change

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NAME/ADDRESS:  Elizabeth S. Waldorf, 3840 NW Lincoln Ave., Corvallis
TOPIC:  Actions on Climate Change
MEETING DATE:  9/5/2017
Humanity makes choices now that will dictate our future survival or extinction.
With a President oblivious to the climate crisis, it is imperative that our city take all possible actions and precautions to minimize this disaster.  We should devote our energies to becoming rapidly sustainable.
This includes protecting and recycling clean water.  Decreasing our use of fossil fuels until energy can be totally provided by wind, solar and hydropower.  Eliminating the use of insecticides and pesticides that are not biodegradable.  Protecting soil from genetically engineered toxins.  Make local mass transportation frequent and free.  Insure that the Willamette River is cleaner when it leaves Corvallis than when it enters.
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