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Education & Eclipses

Title: Education & Eclipses
The most anticipated event of the summer was, without a doubt, the recent solar eclipse.
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AT&T is finding innovative solutions to help us all become smarter and more connected



George Granger
AT&T Oregon


Dear Friends,


The most anticipated event of the summer was, without a doubt, the recent solar eclipse. I hope everyone had an incredible time viewing this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon in Oregon. At AT&T, we made it a priority to do our part, so that customers who trekked to eclipse viewing hotspots — like Madras and Mitchell, Oregon — could snap, stream and share photos and videos of their experience.
As we say goodbye to summer and prepare for a new school year, I want to wish all of our youth, from kindergarteners to seniors in college, the best of luck with their studies. This time of the year is exciting and usually synonymous with words like “change” and “transformation.” At AT&T, that feeling of innovation never goes away because we are always planning for the future in Oregon.

Whether it’s preparing for the eclipse or to head back to school, AT&T is finding innovative solutions to help us all become smarter and more connected. That’s why I am excited to share the stories below with you today.

Thanks for reading,

George Granger
President — AT&T Oregon
Visit us at: oregon.att.com.


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“COWs” Enable Eclipse Selfies in Central Oregon

Read time: 1 min. 

To help customers share this astronomical moment with their friends and family, AT&T trucked in some very special COWs. But not the kind you would normally think of in the vast cattle lands of Central Oregon. These COWs kept data-hungry crowds connected.


Learn more about AT&T's eclipse coverage. 

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WATCH: Helping people who are blind ‘see’ the solar eclipse

Read time: 1 min. 

On Aug. 21, people across the U.S. stepped outside and experienced one of nature’s most visual phenomena — a total solar eclipse. But, what about people who are blind? 

The start-up Aira had a possible solution.

Learn more.

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Start the school year strong with the Khan Academy LearnStorm Challenge!

Read time: 2 mins. 

Khan Academy’s LearnStorm is a free, 6-week online challenge from Sept. 12 to Oct. 20 that will help students build the skills and mindsets they’ll need for a successful year of learning.

Share LearnStorm with your child's teacher to get their classroom signed up today! You can also sign your child up for Khan Academy and have them complete the LearnStorm challenge on their own, starting Sept. 12.

Learn more here.

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More competitive tax rates will fuel investment, encourage hiring and increase wages.

Read time: 1 min. 

Fixing our broken tax code — something that just about everyone agrees is too complex and confusing — is essential to jump-starting private sector investment and accelerating economic growth.

At AT&T, we are confident that these reforms will encourage all businesses to step up their capital investment plans. Indeed, significant and comprehensive tax reform will put AT&T in a position to invest more, such as in efforts to expand our broadband, fiber and wireless build-out.

Find out more about meaningful tax reform.

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