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Asphalt Plant at Clemens Mill Road, Philomath

Last Friday, September 15th, I sent the following email to City of Corvallis personnel in regards to the asphalt plant at Clemens Mill Road in Philomath.  They directed me to DEQ because they don't have jurisdiction since the plant is in the county.  I'd like to file a formal complaint, based on the description below.  

Mayor Traber, Councilor York and City Manager Shepard:

I've been following the recent articles from reporter Jim Day at the GT in regards to the odor and noise issues around the Philomath asphalt plant.  I would like to join Mr. Rollie Baxter and his shared concerns as they are now affecting my wife's and mine quality of life.

I live in the Barley Hill area of Ward 1 and up until recently, the only consistent issue that we've dealt with is late night noise.  Obviously the plant is not in my immediate backyard, but nonetheless we could consistently hear the noise from the asphalt plant as we would spend late evenings outside on our patio.  

However, this past week we started to smell and taste the petroleum based fumes being generated from the work site.  Personally, my eyes have been irritated by the fumes being generated the past two evenings and I could actually taste the petroleum being generated.  Unfortunately, my wife has experienced all of this and then some, as she's been fighting migraine headaches as a result of the toxic fumes.  When one has to shut all doors and windows in attempt to minimize the fumes, enough is enough!

I understand that the DEQ has gotten involved but to date there has been no resolution to the problem.  I am of the opinion that enough time has elapsed to have a resolution to this issue, if not long-term at least in the short-term.

I sincerely hope that this group of folks finds the time to push the DEQ for an immediate short-term solution.  Furthermore, I would hope that a long-term resolution can be found to prevent this type of industry from being allowed in an area surrounded by residential dwellings.

On September 12th, Jim Day from the Corvallis Gazette-Times reported in an article that the DEQ issued a "warning letter with opportunity to correct" to Houck Construction on August 29th.  Per the content in my original email dated September 15th, in my opinion it has only gotten worse during the 2 1/2 weeks since issuing the warning letter.

I would certainly like to know what Houck's Corrective Action plan is and how it is being measured?  As stated in my original email, adverse reactions leading to migraine headaches, burning eyes and altered taste-buds certainly don't give me a sense of resolution.

I look forward to your response!



Tom Picht