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HatchLab Corvallis

Hello City Council Members,


I’m happy to share some exciting news with you. Hatch Innovation has signed a lease in downtown Corvallis to open our third HatchLab in Oregon. Presently we have 2, Portland and Baker City and Corvallis is the perfect 3rd location. We’ve purchased the Foundry on Madison, a recently opened co-working space, and will be moving across the street, upstairs next to Willamette Neighborhood Housing. Our expected opening is Nov. 1st.


HatchLabs are in demand, with a number of Oregon cities asking us to open a lab in their community as well as both Monterey, CA and Panama City, Panama expressing interest.


Hatch’s goal is simple: Enable people to build enterprises that improve communities. We have four major initiatives:


These initiatives include:


  • Opening Hatch Labs: Which serve as community innovation hubs.
  • Startup Oregon: A platform for all entrepreneurs in the state to access shared curriculum.
  • PurposeWorks: A global online incubator program serving social impact entrepreneurs.
  • Hatch Oregon: The only Oregon investment platform for businesses raising community capital.


HatchLab Corvallis will be a local hub for the creative entrepreneurial spirit of Corvallis and the surrounding area. It will provide additional co-working space which is desperately needed. HatchLab Corvallis will provide classes, courses, and workshops at all levels to provide entrepreneurs with the curriculum and mentorship needed for successful early-stage business creation and growth. We also serve existing main street businesses to help them create positive growth and employment.


We’ll help to serve as a resource for accessing needed capital to grow these ideas into businesses that contribute to the local environment, both economically and culturally. We aspire to compliment and not compete so we work closely with existing efforts such as the SBDC and the OSU Accelerator and others.


Hatch Innovation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and as such we rely on support from local and state government, grants, private donations, and income generated from ongoing operations. An investment in Hatch can have a significant return for the community and the economic impact of a downtown Innovation Center is substantial. HatchLabs are self-supporting once initial opening costs are recovered.


I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with all of you, either individually or together and provide you with more information on how HatchLab Corvallis will contribute to Benton County.


Looking forward to your support.



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Brad Attig

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HatchLab Corvallis

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We enable people to build enterprises that improve communities.

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