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New Webinar: Performance Coaching

Using discipline to get the best out of your employees.
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Both webinars are scheduled from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Performance Coaching & Counseling: Preventing Disciplinary Action
August 29, 2017

When applied properly and consistently, coaching serves to minimize the need for formal counseling and disciplinary action. Understanding why leaders fail to coach & counsel before matters get out of hand is vital to organizational success.

All employees want and deserve honest candid feedback regarding their achievements, growing potential and areas where improvement is needed. Holding back either negative or positive feedback significantly diminishes personal and organizational goal attainment.

Feedback sessions are not ordinarily disciplinary in nature. They are used to provide team members, peers and superiors with opportunities to recognize performance excellence and identify areas for growth and improvement.

This webinar is designed to provide public safety professionals with an overview of the existing DCG Performance Coaching and Counseling curriculum including a pdf student workbook.

Community Policing & Problem Solving: Winning Back Your Community
August 30, 2017

Police-community relations is, by all accounts, the most critical issue facing law enforcement in America today. This training seminar presents law enforcement leaders with solutions, based on empirical research and actual practice, for improving citizen satisfaction, citizen confidence, and citizen support for law enforcement officers.

This webinar will review the fundamentals of Community Policing & Problem Solving as well as utilizing the findings from social scientific research to identify what factors influence citizen satisfaction with the police, then provides real-life case study examples to illustrate each of the solutions identified by the research.

This webinar is designed to provide public safety professionals with an overview of the existing DCG Community Policing & Problem Solving: Winning Back Your Community curriculum, including a pdf student workbook. The webinar is suited for law enforcement leaders of any rank who engage in directing agency operations and assist in forming departmental policies.

Individual fee $95; Group rate $95 for first attendee and $25 for each additional person; Training Room special $500 for up to 40 attendees
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