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[Corvallis] Fall Leaf Collection Program Begins October 23

Fall Leaf Collection Program Begins October 23


The City of Corvallis Fall Leaf Collection Program for 2017 begins Monday, October 23, 2017 and runs through mid-December. During this period, Republic Services will pick up leaf piles in the streets once a week, generally on the same day as normal garbage collection.

The last leaf pick-up on your street will take place the week of December 11 on your area's garbage collection day.
Residents are advised to help by following these simple guidelines to ensure a successful leaf collection program:

  • Use your yard debris cart as the first choice for disposing of leaves.
  • Only rake leaves into the street if you run out of room in your yard debris cart. Consider bagging your excess leaves and putting them in your cart the next week.
  • If you need to rake leaves into the street, place them there in piles the evening before your scheduled leaf pick-up day.
  • Do not place leaves in curbside bike lanes. Use a yard debris cart or consider starting a compost pile.
  • If you use the street, rake the leaves into piles. Place leaf piles one foot from the curb to allow space for rainwater to runoff along the curb line.
  • Ensure that leaves do not block or cover catch basins or storm drains.
  • Avoid parking vehicles near leaf piles, as Republic Services cannot collect leaves blocked by vehicles.

This year special emphasis will be on keeping bike lanes clear for bikes to travel safely, and we are asking residents and businesses to refrain from placing leaves there. Although this practice has been allowed in the past, it creates a hazard for bicyclists and may result in a liability to the property owner. Community members living on a street with bike lanes or business owners on streets with bike lanes are advised to use their yard debris containers, or to obtain one or more containers from Republic Services that will be picked up every week on the same day as regular garbage collection.

The Fall Leaf Collection Program is the only time leaves may be deposited in piles in the street. Using blowers to scatter leaves into the street is not allowed. Other landscaping materials, such as grass, branches, limbs, or other debris, are strictly prohibited from being placed in the street. Republic Services will not pick up piles of combined branches and leaves – these should go into your yard debris container.

Keep all yard debris, garbage, and recycling carts out of the street and behind the curb at all times. These containers can be a hazard to bicyclists and vehicles, block drainage, and prevent street sweepers from cleaning the street.

In conjunction with the Fall Leaf Collection Program, Public Works will expand street sweeping to include both day and night shifts. Neighborhoods will be swept once every two weeks, while streets with bike lanes will typically be swept twice per week.

For a complete street sweeping schedule, go to www.corvallisoregon.gov/leaf.

Questions or feedback about leaf pick-up should be directed to Republic Services at (541) 754-0444. To report concerns about street sweeping, contact Public Works at (541) 766-6916.


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Patrick W. Rollens

Public Information Officer - City of Corvallis

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Twitter: @cityofcorvallis

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