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[Corvallis] Fires Started in Pioneer Park and Near the OSU Campus

Fires Started in Pioneer Park and Near the OSU Campus


Early Thursday morning the Corvallis Fire Department was dispatched to a vegetation fire near Pioneer Park in Corvallis.

When fire crews arrived, they discovered a couple small fires near the foot and bike paths running through the park. Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fires before they had a chance to grow in size.

While fire crews were on scene overhauling these fires, two more small fires were reported near the railroad tracks west of the intersection of 35th and Washington Way. As the location of these fires were just behind Corvallis Fire Station 2, crews were able to reach and extinguish the fires before they had a chance to spread as well.

These fires are being treated as suspicious and are currently being investigated through a joint effort between the Corvallis Police and Fire Departments as well as Oregon State Police. Anyone having any information related to either of these fires are encouraged to contact either CPD or OSP immediately.

As witnessed by the number and magnitude of the fires that are occurring around the state and country it is very evident that any fire in a vegetated area has the potential to become a very serious and dangerous event given the prolonged hot and dry conditions, this presents a significant risk to land, property, residents and firefighters.

Please help our community stay safe by eliminating careless or intentional fires in these high risk vegetation areas. Cease any form of open flame in vegetated areas, manage and educate your youth and small children to do the same, and immediately report any risky or criminal behavior involving fire by calling 9-1-1.

For questions pertaining to this press release, contact Jim Patton at jim.patton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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