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The Best Way to Fix our Infrastructure

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Onward Oregon


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Infrastructure is present in every facet of our daily lives. And yet, in the U.S, we have failed to properly invest in it, which has led to the crumbling of our country's foundation. To address this problem, Democrats in the House have introduced HCR 63 , a commitment to passing an infrastructure bill that works on behalf of all Americans, not just the hedge fund managers and the 1%.

HCR 63:
* prioritizes public transportation and electrical infrastructure
* opposes selling infrastructure to private investors
* supports full funding of public lands management
* envisions the creation of millions of jobs
* emphasizes efficient and resilient infrastructure to withstand natural disaster and cyber attacks

Read HCR 63 and call your U.S. Congressional Representatives and Senators today.

This country’s infrastructure is all around us, and it is in bad shape. It encompasses the roads we drive on, the water systems we rely on, the schools our children attend, and the energy that powers us. But the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the country’s infrastructure a D+ rating, with more than $1 trillion in unfunded projects around the nation.

Let your Representatives and Senators know you support HCR 63

The Team from Onward Oregon

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