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Help Stop a Massive Vancouver Oil Terminal

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Onward Oregon


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Help Stop a Massive Vancouver Oil Terminal
Elect Don Orange to the Vancouver Port commission

NO MATTER what the Federal Energy Commission and Washington Governor Jay Inslee decide on the Vancouver Oil Terminal, electing Don Orange to the Port of Vancouver Commission would be a HUGE win for our region. If Don Orange is elected, he'll join Commissioner Eric La Brant in opposing the terminal. That puts 2 of the 3 Port Commission seats in favor of cancelling Tesoro's lease -- End of Story. Even though you don’t live in Vancouver, Oregonians can help Don Orange win on November 7th. Phone bank calling (which can be done remotely from your home!), door-knocking and $ all can help.

Just click here to get started.

Email or telephone your comments or questions to John Anderson, john@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, (360)609-0447

Thank You,

The Team from Onward Oregon

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