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Mastery of Leadership Communications

Title: Mastery of Leadership Communications
Please Consider this Terrific Workshop from our Colleagues,
Susan and Peter Glaser!


An Intensive 3-Day Academy Presented by Glaser & Associates

Today’s leaders in business, government, healthcare and education find their organizations in a state of continuous change. Leaders who thrive will have the extraordinary skills it takes to transform conflict into cooperation, build engaged cultures, and create powerful messages that persuade and influence. This intensive three-day academy teaches practical skills and strategies for breaking through conflict, building teamwork, negotiating consensus, and inspiring and motivating others.

Peter A. Glaser, Ph.D. and Susan R. Glaser, Ph.D., a dynamic, international consulting team, co-lead this three-day program. The Glasers have spent 35 years researching strategies for transforming conflict into solved problems, strengthened relationships and deepened trust. Their seminars are known for being enormously valuable, keenly pragmatic, and thoroughly engaging.

The Glasers’ research based seminars and training programs have been attended by hundreds of thousands of leaders from around the globe. Both hold doctorates in Communication from the Pennsylvania State University and they joined the University of Oregon faculty in 1975. Full bio here.

Based on their 35 years of consulting and research, Drs. Glaser offer this three-day Mastery of Leadership Communication academy-- their only open enrollment program each year. This in-depth practicum experience presents a performance-based approach critical to today’s leaders. It includes three learning modules:

Day 1--BreakThrough Conflict™

Day 2--Hardwiring Teamwork

Day 3--Persuasion and Influence

The goal of this academy is observable mastery in each of these three dimensions of leadership communication.

BreakThrough Conflict
Trust is not a prerequisite for communication.  It is a byproduct of communication. Yet leaders are often astounded by the complex challenge of confronting communication breakdowns, even when ignoring them stifles the development of strong relationships, quality decision making, high performance teams, and trust. When we manage conflict constructively, we stimulate creative problem solving and increase innovation and the inter-dependent performance required in today’s organizations.

Even with the best of intentions, many of us communicate automatically, often making blunders that take a toll on our professional and personal lives. The evidence-based skill models presented in this ground-breaking program offer flexible guidelines with progressive steps that are easily learned, applied, and adapted in order to develop and maintain strong, positive relationships and to actually create trust through conflict.

This program offers concrete skills and tools to transform conflict into solved problems and strengthened relationships.

You will learn research based, field-tested skills to:

• DECODE the hidden world of non-verbal communication to understand what people are really saying.
• TEACH people how their behavior is a problem without making them feel defensive.
• CONVERT criticism from defensiveness and blame to insight and agreement.
• RAISE difficult issues that simultaneously solve problems and strengthen relationships.
• TRANSFORM the organization’s culture from avoidance to positive engagement.
• CLARIFY perceptions before making assumptions. 
• CREATE trust through conflict.

There are 5 modules in this program:
  • The Hidden Dimension
  • Responding to Criticism
  • Raising Delicate Issues
  • Perceptions and Reality
  • Gratitude and Recognition

“The Glasers' focus on skills which are absolutely essential for a successful organizational environment and they do it in a fun, understandable, and motivating way.” —Bill Nevell, Human Resources Manager, Sony Disc Manufacturing

Hardwiring Teamwork
Most organizations understand that in order to move from good to great, everyone must join together, working as a team to deliver seamless products and service.  This means creating a culture where people offer suggestions and input about their work, bridge silos, develop innovative solutions and evolve the next generation of leaders.

This program reveals the primary ingredients that fuel successful dialogue, thoughtful engagement, and creative problem solving. It introduces tangible skills for making meetings great and encouraging individuals with very different opinions to achieve consensus from disagreement.

You will learn research based, field tested skills to:

• BUILD agreement, coalition, and support from divergent positions.
• AVOID pitfalls that polarize and torpedo creative thinking.
• CREATE a meeting climate free from personal attack, wheel spinning, and negativity.
• FACILITATE meetings that generate involvement from everyone.
• IMPLEMENT a model that keeps comments brief, persuasive and on point.
• BALANCE input from the dominating and quiet people.
• LEARN when and how to use the three decision-making models: Command, Consultive, Consensus.
• APPLY a five-step problem solving approach that crafts action agreements.

There are 3 modules in this program: 
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Collaborative Problem Solving

 “This seminar was an exceptional learning experience. The Glasers are masters of creating a balance between theory and practice in a supportive environment, where all participants learn, practice, and grow.” —John Schoen, Professor, Baylor University Family Business Program

Persuasion and Influence
Leaders must be convincing issue advocates, able to present their vision persuasively in order to have their ideas implemented and their programs supported.  This ability is both rare and valued.  It is vital in a wide variety of contexts: with employees, customers, vendors, managers, and boards.  This program focuses on how to create powerful presentations and convincing messages that motivate and inspire.

You will learn research based, field-tested skills to:

• CONVINCE your audience how your message affects their lives.
• DISCOVER ways to be a dynamic speaker.
• CONVERT stage fright into productive energy. 
• MAINTAIN audience interest in what you have to say.
• INFLUENCE people by using all three modes of persuasion.
• ORGANIZE each presentation with clarity and impact.
 DISCOVER in every situation all the available means of persuasion.

There are 3 modules in this program:
  • Dynamic or Dull?
  • Harnessing Anxiety
  • Why Should I Believe You?

“Without a doubt, this was the best three days of my time. The course content was so practical that no future presentations should ever be undertaken without utilizing the skills learned in this course.” —Maree Clark, Financial Analyst, Dunedin City Council, New Zealand


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