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Policing Domestic Violence—Webinar Training

Improve safety and increase convictions.
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Policing Domestic Violence: Evidence-Based Practices
  Dr. Richard Johnson
Dr. Richard Johnson
2:00-4:00 p.m., Thursday, September 21, 2017
This course introduces law enforcement personnel to effective, evidence-based strategies for policing domestic violence in a way that improves officer safety, increases victim safety, and seeks offender accountability regarding crimes of intimate partner violence. Using empirical research findings as a foundation, this course will expose officers to four types of intimate partner violence batterers.

The course will reveal how each batterer type developed differently responds differently to criminal justice interventions. It will discuss what evidence-based actions officers can take to increase the likelihood the victim will cooperate with the prosecution process and leave the relationship for good. It will reveal the factors that increase the likelihood an officer will be assaulted at the scene, and the factors correlated with officer survival of assaults at these calls. It will address how to use information and physical evidence to help determine which party was the primary aggressor.

Finally, it will discuss how to present documentation of the incident in a manner that best increases the chances for prosecution and conviction. This course is appropriate for any law enforcement personnel, including probation officers and prosecutors, who deal with cases of intimate partner violence.


Webinar Prices - Individual: $95; Group Rate: $95 first attendee, $25 each additional; Training Room: $500 for up to 40 attendees
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