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Climate Action Plan volunteer task force

Dear Mayor and Council members,

        Since the City of Corvallis has created and approved a Climate
Action Plan, it seems only logical that a structure should be arranged
for monitoring and followup. In my opinion a pathway needs to be
established to link Corvallis to state, national and even global
efforts to both adapt and control climate change. This issue is
vitally important to every citizen of Corvallis.
      There are many aspects to climate change; but the one most
affecting us as citizens of Oregon and our forests is the increase in
average annual temperatures. I have cited an example in the link


Another related example is the loss of ice in the Antarctic Larsen C
Ice Shelf where the shelf lost a section of ice the size of Delaware.


   A good summary of the problem was presented to the World Economic
Forum by Johann Rockstrom, professor at the University of Stockholm,


We are all in this together and it has become or should be a major
component in everyone's life and future planning. Last week Puerto
Rico's citizens faced catastrophe. Can we separate ourselves from
this?  A famous poet, John Donne, wrote:

                          Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee

                      A volunteer  CAP task force, the right thing to do

                                          Kirk Rensmeyer