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Detecting Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Recognizing and articulating the signs of impairment.
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Detecting Substance Abuse in the Workplace—Las Vegas, NV
Detecting Substance Abuse
in the Workplace

Lt. Eric Sweden     Lt. Eric Sweden

Las Vegas, NV   |   December 5, 2017

Over 15% of the United States workforce has self-reported being under the influence of alcohol in the workplace at least once in the last year, according to according to the National Institutes of Health. Add prescription drugs, illegal drugs and other impairing substances to the mix—particularly in light of nationwide legalization and decriminalization of certain drugs—and it seems only reasonable to suspect that this trend will rise.

The cost of impairment in the workplace is enormous—due to safety concerns, liability risks, lost productivity and increased health care costs.

This course is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skill and ability to determine if impairment exists and, if it does, whether the impairment is caused by a medical condition, alcohol, drugs or a combination of drugs. We will utilize a known pattern of signs and symptoms along with simple divided attention tests to be able to articulate the evidence of impairment.

Detecting Substance Abuse in the Workplace—Las Vegas, NV


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Detecting Substance Abuse in the Workplace—Las Vegas, NV Dolan Consulting Group
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