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........you can't make this stuff up..........or it wouldn't be true.....................................

   Good Afternoon TTSS MUSIC THERAPY &
     Support Group--

       "and many of them are true"---

          BUT -- be that as it may--

           I have been advised (and so notified the
           Corvallis Police Department) to never send an
           email to my sister--or Karl Mobbs--
            EVER AGAIN--
               unless a court order is in place--
                   signed by a judge from the proper 

                 SADLY--this means that for a brief time--
                as you may still hear from me--
                   with an irritating regularity--
                       CAROL HOFFMANN must be "left out"--

                    AS A "FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY" FIELD
                   DAY-- was executed with considerable precision on
                      TUESDAY AUGUST 15 and added to a police
                          investigation THAT EXPLODED--with
                        "fifty emails" collocated by me on July 17-19
                           and delivered on a Wednesday evening--which
                             REQUIRED PROVING THAT CAROL'S
                             EMAIL ADDRESS--briefly back in use on
                              AUGUST 13---and then again--two days later--
                                only led--to ongoing crimes------

                                ANYWAY--August 13 was a wedding anniversary
                                   date--once upon a time--
                                     NOW--AUGUST 15--is the perfect documentation
                                     of an ongoing HORRIBLE CRIME--
                                  perpetrated in the face of an incredibly 
                                   complex investigation--
                                     of which this email will be--for the first time--
                                   a "Support Group" meeting "off the record"--
                                   AND PROOF OF ONGOING SUPPORT--
                                     if anyone is confused--you have joined a 
                                         club of which--I AM A CHARTER MEMBER--
                                           please stay tuned--
                                             ( and avoid too much time--in the sun )--h---

                        TTSS--August 20--2017-------

                          An "Epic Life" / Of Activism--Or-- Dick Gregory's Big Break--
                               "Filling In" For Irwin Corey At The Playboy Club In Chicago
                                ---------AKA---Thanks I'll Eat it Here---------------

                                   January 1961--On Sunday Night

                                        Audience Awareness 101--
                                           A Convention Of White Frozen-Food-Industry
                                             Executives From The South

                         "GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,
                           " I understand there are a good many Southerners in the
                             room tonight. I know the South very well. I spent 20 years
                              there one night...
                           "Last time I was down South, I walked into this restaurant,
                             and this white waitress came up to me and said: 'We don't
                              serve colored people here.'  I said: 'That's all right. I don't
                               eat colored people. Bring me a whole fried chicken.' "

                                            ---A "Dixie Chicken" Joke--courtesy of Dick 
                                                    Gregory--way back in 1961-----

                                    "you can't make this stuff up--or it wouldn't be true"--HEM--8/2017--