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Fwd: Corvallis's hospitality and organization on Eclipse Day

For your information.

Biff Traber, Mayor, Corvallis

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From: "Asher Sheppard" <asher.sheppard@xxxxxxx>
Date: August 24, 2017 at 1:23:30 AM PDT
To: <mayor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Corvallis's hospitality and organization on Eclipse Day

Dear Mayor Traber and Members of the City Council,


My family and I, ten Californians in all, visited Corvallis Monday, August 21, to view the solar eclipse. Thank you for the exceptional hospitality and organization that made our time and eclipse viewing so pleasant. Our experience reflected smart planning, generosity, and warm, caring ways of those working and living in the city.  Our every interaction at the Crystal Lakes Sports Fields, as in town, showed off your beautiful city in the best way imaginable. You are to be commended for having built and maintained an enviable community with a big heart. 


In gratitude,
Asher R. Sheppard

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Santa Rosa, CA 95405-7438
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