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WCJC Subcommittee Formation

Hello WCJC Members,


This coming year the WCJC will be embarking on a new project under the leadership of Chair John Haroldson. Please read the attached letter from our Chair detailing the creation of subcommittees that will be focusing on various fundamentals components of our local criminal justice system. Each WCJC member will be serving on one of the five subcommittees and this will require meeting with your group outside of regular WCJC meetings. This project is not meant to be lengthy, but to give each member a chance to learn and contribute to their group and the Council as a whole.


Please note the proposed deadlines as listed in the memo. I have attached a current WCJC roster to aide in communication between members of your subcommittee, please notify me if your group is in need of any other resources or help.


Thank you.  


Jodi Robin |WCJC Coordinator
120 NW 4th Street | PO Box 3020
Corvallis, OR  97330
Phone 541.766.6647 | Fax 541.766.6701



Attachment: WCJC Memo from Chair John Haroldson.pdf
Description: WCJC Memo from Chair John Haroldson.pdf

Attachment: WCJC Membership 2017-18.pdf
Description: WCJC Membership 2017-18.pdf