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....not just another....pretty funny...face................

       ON THE ROAD / TO REVELATION ROW--OR------------
         Walter Becker Died For His Sins Today (And Now He'll
              Find Out Why)


         T.F.C.  "Mordant humor--by definition--is not always hysterically
                       funny--but Walter Becker finds out today that he has not
                         laughed his last laugh--
                          or spent his last dollar of circus money..."

                             RUMOR HAS IT--Mr. Becker received a new nickname
                              today (from God):  "Mordant Dan"  
                                                                "...not just another....pretty funny...face.."

          D.F. (09/03/2017): "Walter  Becker was my friend, my writing partner.
                      and my bandmate since we met as students at Bard College in
                       1967. He was smart as a whip [whether he was actually holding one--
                            or not], an excellent guitarist and a great songwriter. He was cynical
                             about human nature, including his own [a posthumous autobiography 
                          is tentatively titled: RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW or--possibly--A MAN 
                                 WITH A PLAN (Who Was Not Afraid To Use It) SHOWS HIS HAND],
                            and hysterically funny."

                                   Postscript --  Contrary to his final FACEBOOK post--Walter Becker
                                       did not die laughing. --  HEM -- September 03, 2017---------