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"glad that I used what I borrowed--with love"--PART ONE OF The Summer / Of 2017-----------

    N M--N L (Than Love)

            HOT 'LANTA--I

            Hot 'Lanta--Les Brers (Live--2016 PEACH Music Festival)
            One Nation, Invisible/
                 Jig Saw--Michael Shrieve / Wayne Horvitz / Bill Frisell
            Magnificent Sevens--Diga Rhythm Band
            New Speedway Boogie/
                 The Center/
                      The Wedge--Rhythm Devils (Live--Chicago--10/24/06
                         (w/ Steve Kimock-guitar & Mike Gordon-bass)
            Daily Grind--Little Feat (Live--08/02/04 w/ Shaun Murphey-vocals)
            Voodoo Jam--Little Feat (Live--from Raw Tomatoes)
            Down Below The Borderline--Little Feat (Live--from Ripe Tomatoes)
            Daily Grind--Little Feat (Live (w/ Craig Fuller) --  from Ripe Tomatoes)

            HOT 'LANTA--II

               Hot 'Lanta--Butch Trucks & Very Special Friends (featuring Vaylor
                    Trucks-guitar) (Live--WANEE 2015)
            East-West Live Version # 1--Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Hollywood,
            Born Under A Bad Sign--Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Live--A & R
            Exercise In C Major For Harmonica--John Mayall (Live--from
                Jazz Blues Fusion)
            Nature's Disappearing--John Mayall (from USA Union)
            One Way Out--John Hiatt (from ALL MY FRIENDS--celebrating
                Gregg Allman)
            Tones For Elvin Jones--McLaughlin/Jones/DeFrancesco
             A Go Go--Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood (Live at THE BOWERY
                Ballroom [from OUT LOUDER Deluxe]
             Spanish Key (Encore)/the theme*--Miles Davis--Miles At THE FILLMORE
                Bootleg Vol. 3

                                              *legend--and long memories--have it that Miles Davis
                                                  didn't like playing encores--so this rare example--
                                                   recorded for posterity--of an encore performed 
                                                  ONSTAGE by Miles Davis is BIG FUN--a few years
                                                    before the album of the same name--

              HOT 'LANTA--III

              Hot 'Lanta--Allman Brothers Band (COMPLETE FILLMORE EAST 
                   RECORDINGS--disc 2) March 12, 1971
              Her Holy Modal Highness--Bloomfield Box (HEAD/HEART/HANDS)
              Zone 1/
                   Proto-Cosmos--Allan Holdsworth (THEN--Live)

                      ............weasels ripped my flesh (more....or less)

              Didja Get Any Onya (Live)
              Directly From My Heart To You (featuring Don "Sugar Cane" Harris--
              Prelude To The Afternoon Of A
                                              Sexually Aroused Gas Mask (Live)
              Toads Of The Short Forest
              The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque
               Dwarf Nebula Processional Music & Dwarf Nebula
               My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
               Oh No
               The Orange County Lumber Truck (Live)
                  Weasels Ripped My Flesh (Live)         cover art by neon park

              HOT 'LANTA--IV

              Hot 'Lanta--Allman Brothers Band (COMPLETE FILLMORE EAST
                   RECORDINGS--disc 4) March 13--1971
              Hoochie Coochie Man--ABB (40th ANNV. March 17, 2009)
              44 Blues--ABB (40th ANNV. March 12, 2009 w/ Taj Mahal--vocals
                   and harmonica)
              You Don't Love Me--ABB (40th ANNV. March 12, 2009 w/ Buddy
              In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed--ABB (40th ANNV. March 12, 2009
                    w/ Trey Anastasio--guitar and Page McConnell--keyboards)
              Loan Me A Dime--ABB (40th ANNV. March 13, 2009 w/ Asbury Jukes
                    Horns and Boz Scaggs--guitar and vocals)
              One Way Out Jam (Los Bros version) w/ David Hidalgo--guitar and
                    and Cesar Rosas--guitar/
                      One Way Out--ABB (40th ANNV. March 13, 2009
                          w/ D. H and C. R.--guitars)

                    .....and now--a word from our new "sponsor"--WALTER BECKER !!!

                             "WHEN I THINK--'TEN STRAIGHT HOURS OF MUSIC !'--my mind
                                 naturally turns to thoughts of --AN INTERMISSION--"
                                          tomorrow never knows--until tomorrow--
                                               see you soon...............................................