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NIGHT BY NIGHT--They were playing Planet D'Rhonda at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (it must have been for the guitar solo--according to my friend THC)

          of 2017--

          in the Synecdoche Daydream life that I've been

                   living--then you already know my friend The Hotel
               Californian showed up unexpectedly as the
             new year began--

                  and will be working with me--in the shadows--

                      FOR YEARS TO COME--

                Last night--he checked in to find out how I felt 

                    about his old friend Walter Becker--

                      THEY USED TO SIT AROUND TOGETHER
                 in Walter's basement--as they both were trying to
                        grow up--back when Steely Dan was just something
                        that meant being two friends--and eating lunch together--
                             WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE

                   But--The Hotel Californian was staying at PLANET
                         HOLLYWOOD this week--and told me that along
                          with playing the long version of INNA GADDA DA VIDA
                            and a rare in house LIVE PERFORMANCE by
                              a house band called THE DARK STARS--
                                  for some reason--the bar at Planet Hollywood
                             kept playing Planet D'Rhonda from Donald
                                 Fagen's recent solo album Sunken Condos--
                                   AND TURNING IT UP--for the fine Kurt
                                      Rosenwinkel guitar solo--
                                              every time they played it--
                                           all night long--

                                   I sent my friend The Hotel Californian what I had
                                        written--as a GOOD GOODBYE--
                                           and then-- N M --N L (Than Love)--PART ONE--

                                  and told him about what I thought must be some inside joke
                                    about being a musician--attributed to my new

                               "WHEN I THINK--'TEN STRAIGHT HOURS OF MUSIC ! '--
                                  my mind naturally turns to thoughts of--AN

                                      today--we call this one--BECKER'S CHOICE--

                                 HUDSON--DeJohnette / Grenadier / Medeski / Scofield

                                     This is a CD which will transcend space and time--simply
                                        because the sensibilities and the well-lived lives of four
                                             master musicians PROVE THAT A LIFE WELL
                                           LIVED WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU
                                             ARE DOING
                                                 ( and if you're willing to read song lists---on a hot
                                                     summer holiday night or afternoon--THE LINER
                                               NOTES FOR "HUDSON" are required reading for 
                                                  every music lover who wants to understand where
                                               music comes from--(and how the really special music
                                                   gets made............)  )

                                            [not to spoil the fun-----a special "ringer" of a song was
                                                added as an epilogue to a ttss music library that looked
                                                     like it actually might have been waiting for two long months--
                                                       just so that the FIFTY YEAR HISTORY--start to
                                                       finish--of THE GRATEFUL DEAD that TTSS values 
                                                        more than another source of information about 
                                                         MODERN MUSIC--
                                                           was given a COUNTERPOINT--A FIFTY YEAR
                                                               HISTORY OF STEELY DAN--start to finish--
                                                              which ended yesterday--
                                                                 even though--if you read your newspaper or
                                                                digital feed---Donald Fagen did announce
                                                                 that CARRY ON will be added--
                                                                      to the set list that he and the Steely Dan Band
                                                                           take on the road--
                                                                   BUT--a real friendship might have been "lost and
                                                                     gone forever" --if it weren't for Gary Katz and
                                                                      a former model named ROSIE VELA--
                                                                         a maximal minimalist careerist--as it turned
                                                                              out--with the talent of a Joni Mitchell--
                                                                           or a Rickie Lee Jones---
                                                                           JUST SO THAT SOME PROPER LOVE SONGS
                                                                             GOT INTO THE MIX--of the partnership of
                                                                               of Walt and Don--]

                                                                             "you can't make this stuff up--
                                                                                  or it wouldn't be ZAZU"----hem---9/4/2017---