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"glad that I used what I borrowed--with love"--PART TWO OF The Summer / Of 2017----------

   N M--N L (Than Love)

       HOT 'LANTA--V

            (disc 6) June 17, 1971
       Intro/ Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City--ABB (40th ANNV. w/ Asbury Jukes
             Horns and Boz Scaggs--guitar and vocal) March 13, 2009
       Coming Home--ABB (40th ANNV. Bonnie and Becca Bramlett-vocals) March 16,
       Them Changes--ABB (40th ANNV. ("backed up--right" !) ) March 23, 2009
        You Don't Love Me--ABB (40th ANNV. w/ Thom Doucette--harmonica) March 23,
        Les Brers In A Minor--ABB (40th ANNV. w/ Jimmy Herring--guitar) March 23, 2009
        Having Second Thoughts--The Eleventh House (from Seven Secrets)
        Scarlet Begonias--Jazz Is Dead (from Blue Light Rain)
        China Cat Sunflower--Jazz Is Dead (from Great Sky River)
        Weather Report Suite, Prt. 2: Let It Grow--Jazz Is Dead (from Laughing Water)
        Alabama Rhap Corollary--The Eleventh House (from Seven Secrets)
        Gratitude "A So Low"--The Eleventh House w/ Larry Coryell


        Stuck Inside...--Bob Dylan
        Highway 61 Revisited--Bob Dylan
        Desolation Row--Bob Dylan
        20 Years--Civil Wars
        You Did Cut Me--China Crisis
        Stacy--Chico Hamilton (from THE MASTER)
        East West Live Version # 2--Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Chicago, 1966)
        Foxfire-Pete Carr
        On Lucifer's Knee--Pete Carr
        Ghostdancing -- Terje Rypdal (from Vossabrygg , Op. 84)*

                                                                           *PROGRAM NOTE-in the spirit 
                                                                     of our friends who created the extraordinary
                                                                        entitled HUDSON--
                                                                          please check out this archetypal recording
                                                                              from the Scandinavian legend and
                                                                             institution--guitarist TERJE RYPDAL--
                                                                              who--after living with--and reflecting upon--
                                                                               the genius of Miles Davis and BITCHES
                                                                             BREW for many years--decided early in the 
                                                                           21st century to enlist a generation of musicians
                                                                             (mostly younger than himself)--
                                                                                AND LET IT "RYP" !!!   check it out--hm--


        His Holy Modal Majesty--Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper (Super Session)
        Masquelero--Wayne Shorter
        Joy Ryder--Wayne Shorter
        Raju--John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension (from THE BOSTON RECORD)
        Uberjam--John Scofield
        Animal Farm--John Scofield
         River's Gonna Rise--Warren Haynes (Live--At The MOODY THEATER)
         Brief Synthphonia
                     Sleazy Street
                               Sneaky Smith
                                    Dancin' Wizard................Sopwith Camel (from The Miraculous
                                        Hump Returns From The Moon)*

                                                                                    * THE WORST ERROR--by far--
                                                                            In the original ROLLING STONE RECORD
                                                                                GUIDE (edited by Dave Marsh)
                                                                                [and long out of print--replaced by
                                                                                  new editions that left this album out
                                                                              altogether] was the trashing of this exquisite
                                                                    album--ironically--a sophomore effort that emulated
                                                                     the artistic ethos--and mordant wit--of --STEELY
                                                                      DAN---(!??!)---IT MAY HAVE EVEN RECEIVED A
                                                                      D- (I really can't be sure) but it was a best 
                                                                        summer album of a summer early in the 70's--
                                                                        and it deserved a better review then--AND GETS
                                                                          ONE NOW--hm----


         East-West Live Version # 3--Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Huntington Beach, 1967)
            [with thanks for the curation of EAST-WEST LIVE (the CD) by original
               member of this very original band--MARK NAFTALIN]
         His Holy Modal Majesty--Bloomfield Box (HEAD/HEART/HANDS)
         Highing Fly--Digable Planets
         Smoking Gun--Robert Cray (from Cookin' In Mobile)
         Round Midnight--Quicksilver 07 (an electrifying live version featuring Gary Duncan--guitar)
         Thelonius--Jeff Beck
         Corpus Christi Carol--Jeff Beck
         Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') /
            Take A Giant Step--Taj Mahal (with Jesse Ed Davis--guitar) [not to quibble--but the last
               100 Greatest Guitarists list that I bothered to read in Rolling Stone --REALLY SHOWED
                     the weakness in the polling process used to make their list----A SPECIAL CATEGORY
                       OF FIVE GUITARISTS who were obviously worthy of a "Number"--got
                         grandfathered in--as OLD MASTERS--stuck with a claim that in historical terms--just a decade or 
                          two "too old" --and you're remembered and revered (maybe more than ever)--
                            BUT NOT ON THE OFFICIAL LIST--because "you're ?1???!"--
                             All five are worthy of a FIRST PLACE FINISH--
                                 MR LOWELL GEORGE--MR JOHN CIPPOLINA--MR JESSE "ED" DAVIS--
                                     and two others--WERE ACTUALLY THE ORIGINAL INDUCTEES TO THE
                                       ROLLING STONE "MASTER CLASS" GUITARISTS HALL OF FAME--
                                        FLAWED HEROES DESERVE IMPECCABLE HERO WORSHIP--
                                           when they stand the test of time--
           THE RINGER (an epilogue) Magic Smile--Rosie Vela*

                                                                         * LEGEND HAS IT that Walter Becker And Donald
                                                                  Fagen never wrote a proper love song--but an album with
                                                                    some proper love songs did allow a first tentative reunion
                                                                      in 1986--"lost and gone forever" being a relative term--
                                                                       for a life of attempting to be true friends (and with a worthy
                                                                          facilitator in the middle --GARY KATZ ) who cared enough
                                                                            to interest them in the DEBUT ALBUM of a former
                                                                                model who was more than just another pretty face--
                                                                         to all three men--ROSIE VELA
                                                                             Letting Rosie Vela write the songs that were never going
                                                                                 to being written by the two of them--
                                                                                   but were the love songs that their friendship needed--
                                                                                   in 1986--brings us to MAGIC SMILE--
                                                                                     another million seller at CROSSING THE BAR--that
                                                                                     continues to be played "all day--and all of the night"--
                                                                                      working out the kinks in the lives of Walt and Dan
                                                                                      FOREVER---with "real magic" from a singer--
                                                                                          named ROSIE  VELA --hem---September 04--2017---