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RE: WJCJ Subcommittee: District Attorney's Office Report

I am available on either day.


Matt Wetherell


Benton County Juvenile Department

4077 SW Research Way

Corvallis, Oregon 97333

Main     541-766-6810

Direct   541-766-6064

Cell      541-207-4962


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Subject: WJCJ Subcommittee: District Attorney's Office Report


Dear WCJC Colleagues,


Now that our subcommittees have been fully formed, I would propose a meeting at 4pm on either the 18th (Monday) or 19th (Tuesday) of next week.  We could meet at the District Attorney’s Office.  Please let me know at your earliest opportunity what date works the best for your schedule.


John M. Haroldson

Benton County District Attorney

120 NW 4th Street

Corvallis, OR  97330

(541) 766-6815