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Corvallis Fire Department to Hold Annual OSU Greek Fire Academy

Corvallis Fire Department • 400 NW Harrison Blvd. • Corvallis, OR 97330 • (541) 766-6903 • Fax:(541) 766-6938
For Immediate Release
Date:   September 12, 2017
Contact:        Jim Patton, Fire Prevention Officer
Phone:  (541) 766-6903
Fax:            (541) 766-6938
Cell:           (541) 990-3022
Corvallis, OR — The Corvallis Fire Department will holds its annual Greek Fire Academy on Wednesday, September 13th from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the Oregon State University Campus LaSells Stewart Center & the Reser Stadium SE parking lot.  This is the fourteenth such academy conducted by the fire department.  The purpose of the academy is to educate fraternity and sorority leaders on fire safety practices intended to protect themselves, their house and residents.  Nearly one hundred participants are expected to attend the voluntary training.  The academy includes a one-hour lecture on the reality of fire, how to prevent fires in your fraternity or sorority, what to teach your fellow residents about surviving a house fire and general fire safety.  Following the lecture: from 10:30-12:00, the students will go outside and participate in three interactive fire safety activities, to include: live use of a portable fire extinguisher, crawling through a realistic smoke house trainer, and participate in a firefighter style exercise where participants put on firefighter clothing and deploy and discharge real fire hoses.  Traditionally, the final event is a live fire demonstration where two side-by-side dorm rooms (constructed on a reusable trailer) are ignited, one room has a fire sprinkler installed and the other does not.  Students are able to see the advantage of fire sprinklers as well as appreciate the magnitude of an uncontrolled fire in a room similar to where they reside – Unfortunately due to a current burn ban in Benton County and the presence of lingering smoke in and out of the area the instructional burn has been cancelled for this year.  After the training, participants will be provided a free Woodstocks Pizza lunch served in the Loge level at Reser Stadium.  The lunch was provided by: Security Alarm Corporation, Carter’s Fire Sprinkler, Inc., Valley Fire Control, and the Corvallis Fire Department.
For questions regarding this press release, please contact Jim Patton, Fire Prevention Officer, 766-6903.
Jim Patton
Fire Prevention Officer
Corvallis Fire Department
office: 541-766-6903
fax: 541-766-6938

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