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WCJC Subcommittee Reminder

Hello WCJC Members,


Now that the WCJC subcommittees have been established, this is a friendly reminder for groups to set up their first meeting to begin working on their reports.  Please see the attached original letter from Chair John Haroldson if you need more information about this project.


Order of reports to be given to the WCJC Full Council:

District Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Department (November)

Defense Consortium (January)

Courts (February)

Law Enforcement Agencies (March)

Jail/Parole & Probation (April)


Thank you.  


Jodi Robin |WCJC Coordinator
120 NW 4th Street | PO Box 3020
Corvallis, OR  97330
Phone 541.766.6647 | Fax 541.766.6701



Attachment: WCJC Memo from Chair John Haroldson.pdf
Description: WCJC Memo from Chair John Haroldson.pdf

Attachment: WCJC Membership 2017-18.pdf
Description: WCJC Membership 2017-18.pdf