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FW: Job Opening: City of Ashland Climate & Energy Analyst

Dear Mayor and councilors,

I’m sharing below info from a couple months ago from the City of Ashland about their commitment to climate action through a full time staff position.  My counterpart at Southern Oregon University shared this information and as you can imagine, it can create great partnerships between the City there and SOU.  While the posting is from July and the recruitment is closed, the posting details are still online as of today (please check it out soon).  Note the following excerpts:

·       Supports “…City-wide climate action program that incorporates strategies and tactics into City operations and community initiatives aimed at continually advancing the City toward the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the community and in City operations…”

·       “Provides staff support to the City boards and commissions working on climate action related matters.

·       Department – Administration (not Public Works)


Ashland is taking bold steps to advance the same work Corvallis has been debating for months.  I strongly believe staff will be required to make meaningful progress toward a more carbon-responsible community.  In my own professional experience at OSU (and there are many other examples), the work of advancing sustainability did not move meaningfully forward until in 2005 when a professional position was created and identity brought to the work.  The exact details of “how and what” were worked out over time into an effective sustainability program that has put OSU in the top 25 nationally.  I should also point out that I strongly recommend a staff position be part of CMO.  Had I started my job reporting to a more senior and/or central supervisor at OSU, those early years would have been so much easier and more effective! 


I share all this because I worry deeply that the path the City of Corvallis is on is one of analysis paralysis: debating the relatively minor details of advisory board(s) version A vs B vs C.  An advisory board should be formed immediately following the most basic template available – the one recommended by the Climate Action Task Force and on which the staff-created ordinance was built.  Concurrently, a recruitment like that of Ashland’s (at least at the 0.5 FTE level) should be posted within the next two months.  I believe City staff and Council are nimble and responsive enough to fine tune later; we needn’t perfect each element and in fact striving for optimization has cost valuable time.  Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I trust the Mayor to appoint effective members to the Climate Action Advisory Board who will help chart their path as needs and community opportunities become evident, and building on the existing planning framework.  If search committee members are needed for the staff position, I would gladly help serve.   


Due to an unmovable work commitment, I’m not able to attend the Oct.5 work session.  But please carefully consider the time the community and staff have spent so far, the simplest options on the table and the fact that – as with all our work – we will need to adjust as we go.  Like Ashland, we must start this work now.  I’m glad to discuss this further with anyone, as needed.  Thanks for listening (and sorry for the long email!).




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Subject: Job Opening: City of Ashland Climate & Energy Analyst


Hi All,


I hope you had a great meeting on Friday! I'm sad to have missed it!


Most of you will probably see this on the Green School's List-serv but I wanted to share it here as well just in case. 


It isn't in higher ed, but there is an incredible opportunity that recently opened up in Ashland! The City is hiring its first ever Climate & Energy Analyst to implement the newly adopted Climate and Energy Action Plan. Ashland is a wonderful place to live and work so if anyone is looking to move into the municipal sector I encourage you to consider applying!





Roxane Beigel-Coryell

Sustainability & Recycling Coordinator

Southern Oregon University | 1250 Siskiyou Blvd | Ashland OR 97520


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