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Our City

Dear Mayor and City Councilors,

On Monday August 21st, while my family and I,  including out of town guests, were watching the spectacular event, we were also witness to a much less enjoyable event.  In the middle of the eclipse, a homeless woman who had, with others, been camped on the sidewalk at 5th and Western all moring getting drunk,  chose to defecate in my neighbors window well for all of us to see.  Welcome to Corvallis.

The following night, while eating dinner with these same guests, I was called by my neighbor informing me that he had just sent two homeless people off his property only to see them set up on our property in the front yard. Welcome to Corvallis. 

Whatever it is that the council members are doing and supporting, either individually or as a group, to "end homelessness" is not working.  It is not working for the law abiding tax paying members who would like to invite their families to a once in a life time event, nor is it helping the homeless people who now know that they can camp anywhere, litter our streets and rivers, defecate on private property and have no consequences for any of it.  You have heard all this before I'm sure.  But your response to these and many of the same arguments is entirely insufficient and my narrative is just one of many that proves my point. 

Stop the co-dependent behavior that leaves individuals free to live without responsibility to others in the name of "compassion".  As I said, it's not working.

Mary Dunn