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Dear Procurementarians,


It’s that time of year, when I actually have a theme, entitled “Back to School”. It seems like such a short summer, so it’s hard to believe it’s almost time for school. I used to loathe this time of year, so I feel for the masses returning to classrooms. But I have a couple of offerings I want to present to you, to try to get you into the BTS frame of mind.


So, with that in mind, take a look at one of these, and see if you can use them!




          How I saw myself in high school                                                  Reality………


Items available through Clackamas Community College


CCC in Oregon City has some items needing a good home. Items are at no charge, and consist of desk and chairs that are already used to student body usage, so see info below.




We have 100+ of each type of chair/desk we would like to donate by September 15.  Pictures are attached; and again, we prefer to have pick up at our location in Oregon City (19600 Molalla Ave Oregon City, OR 97045).  The items are in good condition with normal use.


I’ve cc’d the two folks that could answer any questions:

                Mickey Yeager




                Lloyd Helm






1 2  I  3  I  4  I  5





            I didn’t date much in high school.

             Too philosophical I suppose……



Multnomah County


MultCo has some steel shelving available, again n/c to a good home. I’m thinking library books, artifact storage, etc.




Stephanie Woodard

Lead MAC Project Manager

Facilities & Property Management Division

Multnomah County

503.988.4212 (office)

541.760.3324 (mobile)

Work hours: M-F 6 AM - 3:30PM, every other Friday off





1  I  2





                                     My school bus shelter……..                                                                                                        My little sister’s school bus shelter.                                                                         Previously purchased shelter repurposed for a doorway wind break

                                                                                                                                                                                                Mom & dad always did like her best.


School bus shelters available once again


We are offering bus shelters from a local mass transit district. There will be 2 lots of 12, and these are previously used as……well, as bus shelters. They primarily come with aluminum frames, and Plexiglas panels, some/most with benches and trash receptacles. They mostly resemble my sister’s above, but there is a photo of one repurposed as well. These may have a panel busted out here and there, or need to have some minor repairs done, but they are still very useable; they just got new and are switching them out. The transit district asked for these not to be erected on a bus route, because when I was a kid, that would be my excuse for not making it to school. “I waited and waited, but the bus never came!”. Hey, I didn’t say I was the sharpest knife in the drawer, which explains the wood structure above. Let’s try to keep the kids out of the rain!


Anyway, there are 12 per lot x 2 lots = 24 individual shelters. These are going to be sold to eligible agencies for $1,500 per lot of 12, both lots for $3,000. And I always told my mom I’d never use this stupid math…….If interested, please contact our agency salesperson Tim Dunayevich at 503-378-4089, or tim.dunayevich@xxxxxxxxxx, and he will get you fixed up. These will be available around 9/5/2017 or earlier.



As a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks and UCLA (University of Chemeketa Lancaster Avenue), I can honestly say I am very glad I don’t have to attend school any longer. Besides, they all know who I am, so they just generally don’t let me in the buildings anymore. So if you attend a class at UCLA where I’m scheduled to lecture, don’t be surprised if I look a lot older than I am.



I spent all my money on booze and women.

            The rest I just wasted……



Darren Kennedy, OPBC, Senior Program Analyst  |  DAS Enterprise Asset Management  |  503-378-6022  I  www.oregonsurplus.com

To improve our service, we commit to you a “Service Pledge” to be KNOWLEDGEABLE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIVE in our business and interactions. Please contact Sven Anderson at sven.anderson@xxxxxxxxxx to provide feedback on my service.

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