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North Riverfront Area

Hi Nancy,
I own a home on Byron Place and am a resident of Ward 6.  I have two dogs that I walk daily; often, we walk by the river front beginning behind the Holiday Inn and head south to 1st & Tyler.

I have two comments/concerns:

1)  There are a lot of dog walkers in this vicinity; both visitors from other areas in Corvallis and Ward 6 residents.  Sadly, the amount of dog waste has become astronomical.  It makes me really sad to see so much dog pooh not collected by the owners.  I carry dog waste bags at all times as do many owners.  However, there clearly are owners that do not and leave their dog's waste behind.  (The Holiday Inn has two dispensers that they maintain on their little strip of public walkway)  Kudos to them!

I think it would be most beneficial for the City to place dog waste dispensers at various locations along this stretch of highly used river front trail.   In addition, signage indicating that pooh must be pick up should also be erected.   I feel it would encourage owners to pick up their waste.  These measures have been implemented all over Corvallis public areas.

2)  Very recently, I was walking the dogs at the north end of the river front area (where the parking is just beyond the Spaghetti Factory.  As I walked past one of many transients that have been residing there all summer, he dropped his pants/underwear and began shaking his penis at me.  I was so shocked I didn't know what to do; I almost walked over and kicked him in the crotch but certainly didn't want to be harmed in the process or arrested for assault.  It really shocked me; I've never seen such behavior (and I've seen a lot).  I called the police, but they don't seem real interested in keeping these folks out of the area.

I have witnessed at least 5 regular transient groups staying in this area and know them all by sight.   I understand this is a highly debated and complex issue, but its gotten to the point I'm afraid to walk down there.  Very sad, as I love this area with the ducks and happy people playing in the water. 

What are your thoughts on these topics?

Thank you for your time,

Lisa Maxwell
111 NE Byron Place
Corvallis, OR