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Trusted for over 20 years to save cities from vandalism and nuisance crimes

Q-Star Technology
Helping City Departments via Force Multipliers
for Over 20 Years
Retrieve evidence
or deter crime
easier than ever
Specific to your city's needs...

Whether you are looking to deter or apprehend criminals, like illegal dumpers, taggers, or tresspassers, our FlashCAM Systems are like no other with the most unique and cost-effective features around. Our cameras can be set on various modes depending on the programs that your city or police department are enforcing.  Let us know what you are looking for and we'll let you know if we have a model to fit your demands. Contact us today,we are happy to help!

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When used in deterrence mode cities and police departments often see a quick return on their investment, saving them thousands of dollars from having to repair vandalism destruction.

Here is a recent article of how our product is helping the city of Chicago fight illegal dumping and save the city money.




Wireless, networkless, with evidence retrieval that is securely downloadable from anywhere. Our systems can be accessed by any laptop, smartphone, or tablet, saving your budget money on hardware costs that are often hidden by other companies and become a finacial burden.


"We installed a FlashCAM a year ago in an alley that was experiencing high activity of graffiti in one section, and all activity has completely stopped ever since installation…”
Wasco Code Compliance (Wasco, CA)

Address: 2730 Monterey St. Ste 106, Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: + 1-310-294-8194/ toll free 1-877-963-9366
Email: minka@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q-Star Technology, 2730 Monterey Street Ste.106, Torrance, CA 90503

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