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Climate Action Plan Implementation

Hi Nancy, I am concerned about how long it is taking the city council to establish the Climate Action Advisory Board with FTE for logistical support, as recommended by the Climate Task Force Implementation Team and staff.

The internal city projects which are focused on reducing greenhouse gases are progressing well. It is the Community focused list of actions that are languishing due to a lack of direction and leadership.

The Climate Advisory Action Board, focused on accelerating the actions spelled out in the Climate Action Plan, must start as soon as possible to reduce greenhouse gases in the wide community.

As a member of the Climate Action Task Force which helped develop and produce the Plan, I know that there are several important actions which will take some time and coordination to implement.

Other proposals that are being introduced to the council are important, and can be assigned to the Climate Action Board for consideration.

Thank you for your support and please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

(Also, I indicated interest in serving on the Climate Action Advisory Board, and will be reminding Mayor Traber again of my interest in serving.)

Take care.
Marge Stevens
1428 NW Highland Dr