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Are the dangers of Corvallis flooding being increased by actions on the east bank of the Willamette?

Dear Mayor, Council Members, City Manager, and Planning Commissioner,

       Corvallis (and Marysville) might not have survived since the 1850’s if the Willamette River wasn’t able to flood  its  east bank. With these days of global climate change I suggest the city take a look at what the Trysting Tree Golf course has established.

       The other day I was at the river landing between the Holiday Inn Express and the Old Spaghetti Factory when I heard some machinery operating across the river at the golf course.  When I had a chance I went over and took a look what was going on.

       To my eye, it looks as though they have established a network of bunkers which will act as a levy that will compromise the City of Corvallis in a worse case or maybe in just a bad  flooding event.

Not only have they established such a levy, but they put their organic refuse along the river to build up the bank (as well as understandably, having a place for such refuse).

        To my eye, it looks as though from the bridge to north of the Holiday Inn, the golf course if going to give the City a run for its money when it comes to which side of the bank the river will flood.  It looks as though the Holiday Inn is lower than the built up bank of the golf course.

        I know presently here are other channels for the river to flood and that the golf course does take on some damage already in lessor flooding events, most notably along Highway 34. Be that as it may, I think the current situation does compromise the city if there is ever a more serious flood. To protect a golf course at the expense of homes and a town cannot be right.

        At the very least, I think the golf course needs to put in some channels for the Willamette through their bunker/levy system to lessen the danger of flooding the other side of the river. In the long run, this might even help save the golf course and as well put an interesting feature on the course.

        Be that as it may, I think this matter should be looked into. I am not sure what regulating body should be notified so I am starting with the City of Corvallis. I do not claim to be an expert on river channeling but I would like an expert to take a look.

        For starters I don’t think they should be piling up their debris right next to the river.  

       Of course, you may contact me. I just hope take some time and look into this situation.

Drew Robertson
Corvallis Citizen
541 753 1759