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Re: Hello Froggi, if you would like to discuss climate change issues? Bill Glassmire

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  • Subject: Re: Hello Froggi, if you would like to discuss climate change issues? Bill Glassmire
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 08:45:16 -0700
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Hi Bill, 
I'd love to sit down and catch up before Tuesday, if possible.  What times work best for you?  We'll try to pull together as many of our team as can participate. 

On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 9:50 PM, <ward7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
August 28, 2017
Hello Froggi,

I trust that this finds you well. Did you get a good view of the eclipse?

If you would like to talk about the climate action advisory board and the climate recovery ordinance, let me know. Your colleagues, with or without you, are welcome. I am mostly free for the next couple of weeks, except not Thursday Aug 31.

I expect that you know that the next council meeting is Tuesday Sept 5. I have not seen the agenda, but I imagine that the advisory board will be discussed. I expect that nothing definite will be decided, but I also think that the earlier an opinion and/or position is presented, the more effect it is likely to have.

Probably, not for sure, I will go to the Richard Heinberg talk on Wednesday Aug 30. We could compare calendars then.

Thanks for your work. Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for responding!  The week was so busy that this just fell
right off my visible emails - wow.
Thank you for the clarifications regarding the Council agendas.
We'd be so grateful to take you up on the offer to sit down and continue
our discussion.  I understand your role should be to consider all ideas in
their full context, not to advocate for specific positions.  I'd be happy
to cover more pros and cons, and continue to help reach an understanding of
what's at the core of what we are trying to accomplish.
Let me know if you have free time in the coming week(s) and would like to
Warm regards,

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 2:23 PM, <ward7@council.corvallisoregon.gov> wrote:

> August 4, 2017
> Hello Froggi,
> I trust that this finds you well (and cool). Thank you for your note.
> While I am writing, I want to ask, did you apply for the Community Oregon
> camp which took place in mid-July? I did not find any news about the camp
> on the Healthy Democracy website. :(
> I apologize that it has taken me a few days to respond to your email.
> Likely you know that there is no climate change discussion scheduled in the
> packet for the August 7 meeting.
> About the council discussion on July 17, you could download the recording
> of the meeting from this web page
> http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=1921
> and listen to the discussion yourself. The discussion starts 01:59 into
> the meeting, the summing up starts 02:36 into the meeting, and discussion
> concludes at 02:49 elapsed time.
> What the council decided at the July 17 meeting was to approve a climate
> action advisory board and to say that climate change projects will be
> administered as part of the ICAN. I think that the summary in your email is
> correct, except that there was no discussion of the Sierra Club text (you
> mean the climate recovery ordinance, right?). Questions like what the
> committee will do and what will be the make-up of the committee are still
> to be decided.
> I appreciate your following up on this. Whether or not we agree on the
> best way forward, I can use help in figuring out what I think.
> Incidentally, I would ideally like my council deliberations to be less
> advocacy for a particular position, more creating explanations of pros and
> cons of different ways forward. If you or your colleagues want to talk
> sometime, please let me know.
> Thank you again. Stay cool.
> Best wishes,
> Bill Glassmire
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> *Subject: *next week's council meeting
> Hi Bill,
> Hope you're staying cool in this heat!
> I was wondering if you can confirm my understanding of the next steps in
> the Climate Advisory Board discussion?  My takeaway from the last meeting
> was that the coming meeting will entail further discussion of the structure
> of a Climate Advisory Board, and that Staff will bring a few examples of
> different funding approaches for consideration, as well as an analysis of
> the Sierra Club's submitted text.
> Is this accurate?
> Thanks so much,
> ~Froggi