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RE: Feedback requested: Change in the Sept United Way CI Meeting date

The 18th works for me as well.



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Subject: Re: Feedback requested: Change in the Sept United Way CI Meeting date


I can do the 18th

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On Sep 1, 2017, at 3:22 PM, Amedo, Linda C <linda.amedo@xxxxxx> wrote:

CI Members


So I am no good at Doodle Polls or being able to ask questions via Podio so I am sending you an email instead. I need to change the date we are meeting in September.


Currently we are scheduled for Monday Sept 11th . I will not be able to make this date due to other commitments. It is important for us to meet in September for a variety of reasons.

1.       Meet Blake!!! Discuss with him the role CI has within his business strategy; What he wants our help with

2.       Update on Laureen’s conversations in the community on financial support for DPIL; DPIL team kick-off

3.       Update on recent UW activities (Golf Tournament, Day of Caring)

4.       Prep for Basic Needs cycle kick-off

5.       Other items you want added to the agenda


I am checking to see if we can get a quorum the following Monday, Sept 18th at the same time (4:00-5:30).

Please let me know if you will be able to attend.


Linda C Amedo

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