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PUBLIC INPUT: staff recommendation Climate Action Task Force implementation Strategy 15Aug2017

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NAME/ADDRESS:  Brian C Lee,   991 NE Kirsten Pl, Corvallis
TOPIC:   staff recommendation Climate Action Task Force implementation Strategy 15Aug2017
MEETING DATE:  9/5/2017
re: Climate Action Plan Implementation Strategy Staffing Options, 15Aug2017 staff recommendation
Mayor Traber and Honorable Councilors,
The staff recommendation seems to be a reasonable strategy that allows direct liaison between ICAN and the CAAB within current budgetary allowances.  I am concerned about the frequency of meetings for the CAAB.  As a new group, it will need to develop some internal structure, processes, goals, and schedules.  At least in the beginning, I expect it would need somewhat more frequent meetings to establish these and provide an efficient start to working on the CAP .  The actual meeting schedule would be determined by the CAAB.
I suggest wording in the ordinance which would allow flexibility in the frequency of meetings, such as,
4) ...This work includes meeting at least quarterly and:
/original staff recommendation
4) ...This work includes meeting quarterly and: /
Your thoughtful considerations in this important matter are appreciated.
Although I have submitted previous comments on implementation options on behalf of the Corvallis Interfaith Climate Justice Committee, the present comments are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of the ICJC.
Brian C Lee
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