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Thank you for your testimony at the Sept 5 council meeting. Bill Glassmire

September 6, 2017

I trust that this finds you well.

Thank you for your testimony at the Sept 5 city council meeting. I think it 
good for the council to recognize the individual impacts of municipal policies, 
and I appreciate your sharing your story.

I did not know that the ride-sharing proposal might restrict the service to 
Uber and Lyft. I certainly expect to argue for opening the business to other 
groups. I like the Ride Austin model; I see it was set up when Uber and Lyft 
quit Austin.

I keep up an email list-serve, on which I send out short-ish emails about once 
a month with updates on city affairs. Would you like to join the list-serve? If 
so, let me know.

Thanks for joining in the ride-share conversation. I appreciate your effort. 
Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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NAME/ADDRESS:   Jackson Cafazzo, 725 NW 31st St., Corvallis

TOPIC:  Uber and Lyft

MEETING DATE:  9/5/2017

Thank you for the opportunity for public input. I would like to present a 
counterpoint to the rhetoric you have been presented in favor of ride-hailing 
companies. These companies say they are beneficial, but I believe that they 
ultimately prey on their drivers, customers, and the communities they enter.

Vehicle investment cost, maintenance and risk are all placed on the shoulders 
of the individual, the easily replaceable drivers. Many lives are being ruined 
by Uber right now. OSU students will be encouraged to drive for Uber to make 
extra money, and will be offered loans for new cars on the promise that they 
will make a reasonably good income, but roughly 1/3 of that income will be 
absorbed by insurance, gas and depreciation of their vehicle, plus unforeseen 
maintenance. What is left does not provide a living wage. This leads to 
defaults because an already indebted population with untenable car payments and 
high interest rates are unlikely to make payments on time.

Uber said there will be a demand for cheap rides around town, but please 
consider: at what cost? I implore the Council consider the ecological, social 
and economical impact before approving this legislation. Do we want to promote 
the use of otherwise parked cars (when we have such a great bus system)? Do we 
want to encourage high-risk, low pay part time jobs that export profits to out 
of state corporations? Do we want to put the safety of our public in the hands 
of these corporations (by allowing them to regulate their own drivers)?

Uber and Lyft exist to disrupt traditional transportation. It is up to you to 
decide if it is worth giving up.

If ride-hailing is indeed in the future for Corvallis, I implore you to not to 
grant exclusive license to Uber and Lyft. A home-grown ride-hailing solution in 
the future could potentially provide the same supply and living wage, without 
the greed, like Ride Austin in Texas.

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follow-up questions, please enter an email address or phone number below.

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