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1140 NW 30th st

Hi Bill,

We have reached the end of our long rope and can no longer sleep due to an 
abandoned dog at the above address.
This owner travels frequently and leaves her dog behind in the care of her 
children. But the dog is left alone at night and does not handle it well.
Last night was the worst case situation we've had thus far. Her son left lights 
on, sliding door open so the dog could bark and howl all night long. Perhaps it 
thought it's owners were finally returning since they had left last Thursday.
Needless to say, several calls were made to the non emergency phone number but 
it does nothing to change the situation.
I'm reaching out to you once again and asking for assistance as to what we can 
do when this happens again. 
I will be calling Michelle at animal control to request a citation be issued. 
But we need advise to deal with the days and night when we have no official 
help available to us.

Thank you so much in advance,
Joy & Ian Tinsley 

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