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BANK OF AMERICA WEBINAR SERIES: 9/14/17 - "Detroit's Flywheel Approach to Recovery" - Emerging Markets

Bank of America webinar participant,


     Good morning!  Thank you for registering for Thursday’s webinar, “Detroit’s Flywheel Approach to Recovery”, which will begin promptly at 2 p.m. (EASTERN).  As we are expecting a large attendance, I have arranged for an operator-assisted bridgeline:


·         BRIDGELINE:  1 (877) 299-5213

·         ACCESS CODE:  50168349


     You will be asked to provide your name, name of the nonprofit/company, city and state.  I strongly encourage you to dial in 15 minutes early so you don’t miss any of the presentation.


     As a reminder, we are using WebEx: https://attend1000.webex.com/attend1000/j.php?J=921189327


     **IMPORTANT**  1)  The WebEx link is different from one which you may have received when you registered.  2)  Do not share the WebEx link as we are at capacity for Thursday’s webinar.  In fact, it would be very helpful for multiple individuals from the same nonprofit to join the webinar from one location to ensure we don’t disappoint any one.


     In addition to providing the operator-assisted bridgeline and the WebEx link, I am attaching a copy of the presentation.


     We look forward to having you join us for Thursday’s webinar.




Charles R. Henderson, Jr.

Senior Vice President

ESG Program Manager

Bank of America Market President

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bank of America

999 Waterside Drive, 8th Floor, Norfolk, VA 23510


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Attachment: PRESENTATION - Detroit Economic Flywheel Approach to Recovery - EMERGING MARKETS 9_14_17.pdf
Description: PRESENTATION - Detroit Economic Flywheel Approach to Recovery - EMERGING MARKETS 9_14_17.pdf