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Hello Jeanne, this may interest you ... Bill Glassmire

... I hope that you and Ric are well. Enjoy the fall weather. Best wishes, Bill 

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Subject: New York Times supports jail time for plastic bags?

Hi Jeanne,

Kenya recently passed a law that could send people to jail or fine them up to 
$40,000 for manufacturing or importing plastic bags. And guess what? The New 
York Times 
this idea and wants the rest of the country to follow Kenya’s lead, or at least 

The Times is wrong.

Plastic bags are 100% reusable AND recyclable, and while bans and taxes (and 
criminalization) might lead to fewer plastic retail bags, they won’t work to 
reduce the bigger problems of waste and litter that American communities 
actually want to address. These policies are also proven to cause 
more unintended consequences for the environment, while costing consumers – 
most often senior citizens and low-income families – a pretty penny.

This may be an all-time low for the New York Times, so it’s time we strike back.

Click here to comment on the New York Times’ Facebook post 
<https://www.facebook.com/nytimes/posts/10151299668349999> and set the record 
straight on plastic bags. If you’re on Twitter, click here to reply to their 
tweet <https://twitter.com/nytopinion/status/908382390145441792>.

We’re counting on you to stop these absurd lies in their tracks.

Thanks for your help,
The Bag the Ban Team

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