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Re: Potholes.. Hello Joe, the city has fixed the pothole ... Bill Glassmire

... The renewed surface looks good to me. I appreciate your pointing out the 
problem. Enjoy the fall.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Subject: Re: Potholes.. Hello Joe, thanks for pointing this out ... Bill 


That is awesome we have a way to report these things. Hopefully the city can do 
something about that section of road. It won't be so bad in the spring and 
summer, but when things get wet again and dark during commute times it can be 
pretty interesting biking through that. 


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Subject: RE: Potholes.. Hello Joe, thanks for pointing this out ... Bill 

Hi Joe, 

The most efficient way to report these situations is the one Councilor 
Glassmire referenced. Go to the City website ( www.corvallisoregon.gov ), click 
on the "I WANT TO ..." button on the right side, and select "Report a Problem 
Online". In the case of a pothole problem, the report will be sent directly to 
the Street Maintenance Supervisor. 



Mary Steckel 

Public Works Director 

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Subject: Re: Potholes.. Hello Joe, thanks for pointing this out ... Bill 

Thanks everyone for responding. 

I understand there are priorities in getting things fixed and the weather and 
other factors influence all this. Lots of people have thanked me for bringing 
this up and then forwarded the email to someone else. If there is a more 
efficient way to get this on someone's list of things to consider that would be 
great. Otherwise I'm just taking up other people's time who can't really do 
much but thank me and send the info along. I'm quite sure people have better 
things to do. 

There are lots of potholes around, to be sure. I'm quite certain the people in 
charge of these things are well aware of all of them. I just wanted to point 
out these in particular because of all the potholes I encounter, these seem to 
be a confluence of circumstances that make them particularly annoying, if not 

I appreciate the attention and hope at some point this can be fixed, but I 
recognize decisions need to be made. Overall this is a great town to bike 
around in. Keep up the great work! 


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Subject: RE: Potholes.. Hello Joe, thanks for pointing this out ... Bill 

Hello Councilor Glassmire, 

We appreciate community members taking the time to send us notice of potholes 
in town. This winter’s weather, with the freezing and thawing cycles, has 
caused a higher than usual number of potholes, but, we are working diligently 
to keep pace with the problem. Though in that respect, the weather is again 
presenting complications, as the wetter the conditions, the less likely the 
repair material will adhere and stay in place. 

Thank you again for letting us know. I will forward this report to our street 
maintenance crew. 

Mary Steckel 

Public Works Director 

From: Ward 7 
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Subject: Re: Potholes.. Hello Joe, thanks for pointing this out ... Bill 

March 18, 2017 


I trust that this finds each of you well. 

Director Steckel, Joe McVeety, a Ward 7 resident, reports a damaged bike lane 
on the north side of Circle Boulevard, at the bus stop just west of 17th 
Street. His email is below. I drove (sorry!) by there on Friday; the pavement 
surface is for sure rough and uneven. 

There may be a long-term issue with the bus tearing up the pavement, because 
the damage is right at the bus stop. 

Mr McVeety, thank you for reporting this problem. We appreciate your help in 
keepin bike traffic safe and convenient! 

You can also report potholes (and other issues) directly to city staff at the 
city website www.corvallisoregon.gov ; the "I WANT TO ..." button at the right 
of the page has a menu which includes "Report a Problem Online". 

Best wishes, 

Bill Glassmire 

From: "Joe" < mcveetj@xxxxxxxxxxx > 
To: "Joel Hirsch" < ward6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >, 
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 9:08:23 AM 
Subject: Potholes.... 

I writing to both of you to see if there is anything that can be done about 
some potholes on Circle Blvd. between 17th street and the first entrance to the 
shopping center. I live in Ward 7 but the issue is in Ward 6, thus the reason 
I'm copying both of you on this email. 

I frequently bike along Circle Blvd (and everywhere else in this town) but this 
section seems particularly dangerous to me right now. It is riddled with deep 
and growing potholes that take up the entire width of the bike lane. Worse, it 
is along a busy road right where there are often cars exiting the shopping 
center. It is also on a bus route which means there can be the added adventure 
of accounting for a bus, too. 

The potholes in this section are unavoidable if you are biking due to their 
extensiveness. If there is anything that can be done to get these fixed, and 
soon, that would be great. As a very frequent bike commuter in this town I 
often enjoy the fact the bike lanes are, at lest for the most part, very 
passable. This section has become dangerous. And I don't say that lightly. 


Joe McVeety 

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