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Re: PUBLIC INPUT: Buildable Lands Inventory

HI Bill
Thank you for remembering and getting back to me about the BLI!

I did go to the first public input at the LIbrary. I hadn't met Paul previously and chatted with him for awhile.
I asked him about other ways to characterize our 'stock' of housing. He seemed to have lots of ideas about how to characterize and we discussed this briefly. 
I will follow up with him, and probably bring some others along, to encourage other ways of thinking about 'single family' rather than lumping.

We are starting to plan our annual Harding Neighborhood Assoc meeting. We are thinking to have it somewhere we could hear from the City (Tracy or Sarah Johnson) about the land use planning effort and get neighbors to look at maps and provide input for the Land use Planning conversation.

Do you know anything about the upcoming meetings at each School?
I will try to figure if we might have go for a "two-fer" to maximize community input to both events and have our Neighborhood meeting right before the College Hill School discussion on Oct 3. Not sure that will work, but we'll see.

We will keep you posted!

best wishes

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September 14, 2017
Hello Sherri,

I trust that this finds you well.

I am responding to your April 20 email about the Buildable Lands Inventory. You know about the "Community Conversations" workshops on land use planning?

I recommend you bring up the issue at one of those workshops. If you cannot attend any of the workshops, maybe direct your comments to the Director of Housing and Community Development Paul Bilotta.

Thanks. Enjoy the fall.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Subject: PUBLIC INPUT: Buildable Lands Inventory

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Dear Council,

I am concerned about the city search for buildable lands without having a good inventory of what is available, in short supply and plentiful presently.  Before there is much discussion about Buildable Land Inventory, I would really like our Community Leadership to review what we currently have in Corvallis, before we make decisions about what is needed.

I think we need to start talking about densities by the bedroom rather than the type of structure, since we know that a 5 BD, 5 bath house isn't the same as a 2 BD, 1 bath house but both are considered Single Family housing. Perhaps what we would find is that we need more 2-3 BD units, whether they are apartments or stand alone houses or duplexes, whatever the zoned density.

We might also find that by using number of bedrooms rather than number of structures, Chintimini or other neighborhoods with lots of new buildings, might be overbuilt for their assigned density, and that would change our perception of what we need for the future.

We are hearing that Corvallis doesn't have enough high density zoned land for building, based on an older allocation of what the Community should have, and that much of the new building has been "single family housing" that aren't really single family houses, but instead are 4- 5 bedroom boarding houses, rented by the room.

If you were to request an analysis, using existing information in the Benton County tax assessments, there is a huge amount of data that could be evaluated to help us understand what is available currently within the Urban Growth Boundary and  what has been built recently (how many bedrooms and bathrooms per house, size of lot, where they are located).

Thank you for your work to plan for the best Corvallis into the future!

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