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Re: Your note of support for social services reporting to city staff

September 21, 2017
Hello Mr Pang,

Thank you for letting the city know the United Way opinion about reporting on 
social services spending by the city. If you have any follow-up, either 
concerns or suggestions for better collaboration, please let me/us know.

I hope that your work with Councilor York is helpful and productive. It occurs 
to me, maybe the United Way conversation project could fit together with the 
city's initiative Imagine Corvallis Action Network?

Thanks again. Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Subject: RE: Your note of support for social services reporting to city staff

Good Afternoon Mayor Traber, Councilman Glassmire, Mr. Shepard and Mr. Weiss:

United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties is in support of this proposal.  Our 
belief is that it will allow the City Council to focus on other 
responsibilities while still keeping intact the executive oversight role that 
the council must play.  Our expectation is that City Staff will surface any 
information crucial for the Council and United Way to pay attention to or 
address for the future.

Thank you for your support and leadership, I look forward to working with you 
closely over the next few months and years. 

Blake A. Pang
Chief Executive Officer
United Ways serving Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties

Mobile – 541-405-0843

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Subject: Hello Linda, discuss social services reporting to city at Sept 18 
meeting? Thanks. Bill Glassmire

September 9, 2017
Hello Linda,

I trust that this finds you well.

If there is time, would it be worthwhile to discuss social services reporting 
to the city at the Sept 18 meeting of the CI committee? In particular, in a 
city council discussion of priorities I proposed that city staff, not the city 
council, might take primary responsibility for monitoring social services 
spending. I think that there would be little or no additional work for staff, 
but much less detailed information for the council; the essential change would 
be that the council would not see reports from individual agencies.

There has been no decision and not much discussion of that idea. I would be 
interested to know what the CI committee thinks.

Thank you. Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Subject: United Way CI Committee Meeting

My thanks to all for your feedback. I am moving this month’s meeting to Sept 18 
th . I know some of you might need to duck out early given other commitments. 
Proposed Agenda: 
        Time    Topic 
        4:00-4:30       Meet Blake!!! Discuss with him the role CI has within 
his business strategy; What he wants our help with 
        4:30-5:00       Prep for Basic Needs cycle kick-off. Come with your 
opinions for Roundtables vs Site Visits and any improvements to last cycle 
process that we should incorporate into the upcoming cycle. 
I have included a copy of the 2016-2017 process for reference. 

        5:00-5:15       Update on Laureen’s conversations in the community on 
financial support for DPIL; Are we ready for a DPIL team kick-off? 
        5:15-5:30       Update on recent UW activities (Golf Tournament, Day of 
Please let me know if there are additional topics we need to discuss.