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9/18 United Way CI Committee Meeting Minutes

The following are the minutes from the 9/18 CI Committee meeting. Please let me know if there are questions or if I missed something
Agenda Topic Minutes
Announcements Lauren sent a not to Rod and Linda informing them that she is stepping down from the committee. Her responsibilities at OSU have grown substantially this fall and she does not have the same flexibility as in the past. She is very supportive of the work we are doing and is planning to stay in touch; seeing where the work of our local United Way shifts to under Blake’s leadership.
We will need to look at a replace for Lauren as well as maybe adding one or two additional members to our committee (to help manage the workload). Linda suggested making a connection to Leadership Corvallis as a possible source for these new members.
Meet Blake!!! Discuss with him the role CI has within his business strategy; What he wants our help with Blake shared with us a bit of how he is easing in to his role; getting out into the communities to make the connections we need for the success of our mission. He also shared his thoughts about how to leverage the Community Connection process to better understand what members of the community believe is needed to make their community the best place for them to live. There were questions regarding how this would work and how to leverage the work already done by the City Council in this are (Blake has made a connection with Councilwoman York to learn more about this). Blake made the commitment to provide information to the committee on the Community Conversation Guide. We will talk more about this in upcoming meetings.
Prep for Basic Needs cycle kick-off. Come with your opinions for Roundtables vs Site Visits and any improvements to last cycle process that we should incorporate into the upcoming cycle. We started our prep conversation on the upcoming cycle. The agreement was to host site visits this year after some conversation on how to introduce new committee members to more of our agencies. We will finalize the timeline and any process adjustments in the Oct CI Committee meeting.
Councilman Glassmire asked if we would be in support of shifting the responsibilities of monitoring the spending of social service funding from City Council to City Staff. We were in support of this request. This was proposed at the 9/18 City Council meeting; it was approved. The Final Report for the 2016 Grant cycle was also approved during this meeting.
Update on Laureen’s conversations in the community on financial support for DPIL; Are we ready for a DPIL team kick-off? Laureen shared the work done by Chantell on DPIL in Linn & Lincoln Co. All were in agreement that we would like to learn from her what we need to do to get this program started in Benton. Laureen shared with us that she has a number of workplace campaigns that are interested in seeing it happen. Laureen will reach out to Chantell to schedule a meeting for this follow-up. She will also invite Linda, Elizabeth & Susie who are interested in working on this initiative as well.
There was discussion on entry criteria for this program (only newborn through 5 yrs. or anytime 0-5 yrs.). Further conversation is needed on this.
There was discussion on how we might be able to recycle books no longer needed by “graduates” of the program. We will need further conversation on this as well.
Other matters Cindy brought up that we need to convene the So Benton County Advisory Board (this went dormant during the interim executive director period). Rod took the action item to schedule this meeting.
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