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Fwd: Most updated draft of Writing Fest proposal

This is from Rena Chen for tomorrow's meeting.



Begin forwarded message:

From: Rena Chen <rena.rchen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: September 25, 2017 at 12:28:38 PDT
To: Prpltrtl <kerstin.colon@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Hams, Nicole J" <hamsn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Most updated draft of Writing Fest proposal

Hello Kerstin,

Thank you for connecting us with Sarah and the teachers at 509J.

I believe we have a meeting tomorrow and wanted to make sure this updated file is sent over. It has two suggestions for how the actual Writing Festival day might look like depending on how much funds we might be able to get and the amount of time we think would be appropriate.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and discussing this with the rest of the KLAB!

Many thanks,

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