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Fwd: Issues with Group Homes in our Neighborhood - Witham Hill Area

September 27, 2017
Hello Chief Sassaman,

I trust that this finds you well.

Below is an email from Kristen Jennings, who lives on Norwood Avenue in Ward 7 
(which I represent). She has safety concerns about two group homes in her 
neighborhood, one on Norwood Avenue and one on Lynwood Avenue.

Wednesday evening I talked to Ms Jennings on the telephone. I will be out of 
town October 10 through November 5, so I asked whether the safety concerns need 
prompt action. The Lynwood group home has the most disturbing problems--one 
resident uses violent and threatening language in the neighborhood--and the 
concerns are serious for her and her neighbors, so we have tentatively arranged 
a neighborhood meeting next Tuesday or Wednesday. Further, some of her 
neighbors have raised their concerns with the owner of the Lynwood home; the 
neighbors feel that the owner did not address their concerns.

I am writing: (1) to let the police know that this neighborhood issue exists; 
(2) to ask who, in the city or other regulatory agency, could help Ms Jennings 
(and her neighbors) about this issue? and (3) to ask what rules and regulations 
I might look at to prepare for the tentative meeting? and any other suggestions?

Thanks, I appreciate your time and your help. Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 9:27:31 AM
Subject: Issues with Group Homes in our Neighborhood - Witham Hill Area

Dear Mr. Glassmire,

I've been asked by my neighbors to contact you regarding an issue we are having 
in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood has two group homes, one that has been 
here some time, and another that was recently instated. There are safety 
concerns amongst in our neighborhood regarding these homes.

My husband, Jeremy Jennings, spoke with you at the Benton County Library a few 
weeks ago, and received your card and a request for the addresses of these 
homes. They are 3215 NW Lynwood Dr, Corvallis, and 3230 NW Norwood Dr, 
Corvallis. The Lynwood address is particularly problematic, and there are 
concerns for the safety of the neighborhood as well as the health and safety of 
the residents and their caretakers.

Neighbors have suggested asking you to come speak with us as a group, if that's 
possible. Please feel free to email or phone me at 831.278.0935.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kristen Jennings
3255 NW Norwood Dr, Corvallis OR