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Re: Neighborhood Meeting Time and Date -- Tues, 7:30PM, is OK. Bill Glassmire

October 2, 2017
Hello Ms Jennings,

I trust that this finds you well, happy October.

I am writing to confirm that I will come to a meeting about the group homes in 
neighborhood, tomorrow (Tues Oct 3), at 7:30PM. Thanks for keeping the meeting 
not too long.

My ideas about the meeting are to listen to your neighborhood's concern, maybe 
to suggest some common-sense ways to respond, and to talk about how to 
communicate effectively with the city government. I do not expect to provide 
legal advice, especially since your neighbors have already called the police 
about the problem.

Thank you for arranging this meeting. I am sorry that the group homes are a 
problem, and I hope that we can figure out how to make the situation better.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Subject: Neighborhood Meeting Time and Date

Dear Mr. Glassmire,

If you are still available on Tuesday the 3rd, we would like to hold the 
meeting regarding the group homes in our neighborhood then. We'll start at 730 
and go no later than 9 pm. The meeting will be held at 3255 NW Norwood Dr, 
Corvallis, OR 97330.

Please email or phone me at 831.278.0935 to confirm.

Thank you,
Kristen Jennings