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RE: Hello Director Steckel, failed street light at 839 NW 32nd Street. Thanks. Bill Glassmire

Hello Councilor Glassmire,

The street light system in the area indicated is owned and operated by Pacific 
Power.  The City doesn't have the authority, and thereby the ability, to fix 
the light that belongs to Pacific Power.

What we can do is see if we can influence the utility company staff to come up 
with a better solution by having a direct conversation with the maintenance 
folks of Pacific Power.  I'll pass on Mr. Mackey's email to the City's 
Franchise Utility Specialist Pam Vaughan for her to initiate that conversation 
with PPL.

Thanks for letting us know about this,

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Subject: Hello Director Steckel, failed street light at 839 NW 32nd Street. 
Thanks. Bill Glassmire

October 3, 2017
Hello Director Steckel,

I trust that this finds you well.

Ted Mackey, a Ward 7 resident, asked me about a failed street light on NW 32nd 
Street. You can read his email below. The light is on the east side, on the 
northwest corner of the lot for 839 NW 32nd St. It sounds like fixing the light 
would not be easy. Maybe you could put it on a to-do list?

Thank you. Enjoy the day.

Best wishes,
Bill Glassmire

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Hi Bill,
Ted Mackey here.
Just wanted to follow up on our conversation while you were jogging.
First my apologies for interrupting your run and forcing you into your role as 
There is a streetlight midblock on 32nd between Lincoln and Filmore that is on 
24 hours a day. I spoke with the fellow who lives under it and he told me it 
has been on for years and that he has contacted the city numerous times. If I 
got it correct from him it seems that Pacific Power holds the contract to 
service the street lights. He also said that Pacific Power has replaced the 
photo cell at least twice but to no avail. I was wondering if there was 
something you might be able to do to fix or if needed replace that fixture.
Thank you for your time and effort as councilman to our neighborhood.
Ted Mackey

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