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Hello there....I saw a newspaper which had an editorial suggesting that you are considering a local sales tax AND an increased property tax rider to pay for Corvallis cash shortages.  I have a couple of points for you to consider that are on the minds of some I have spoken with.  The first is where is the money going....specifically, that leads to these shortages.  Where are the priorities and why isn't the existing property tax from all of this new development helping to cover these shortages?   It is familiar for the city council to threaten to cut the aquatic center and defund the library when these issues come up.   I liken it to hitting below the belt.  You may have squandered the surplus you had a couple of years back on debating what to do with it, the surplus.  Then there is the majestic and now the 18,000 spent on the survey about the sales tax.  Interesting!  Then there is the new bond issue for new schools and a refit of Crescent Valley....I think you have no hope of achieving these goals for funding.  And I am likely to vote against all of them even though I would support the sales tax I would not support the others.  It appears that Corvallis is unable to balance its budget and operate within its means.   I suggest that you consider letting us know that the money IS being used wisely and how it is being spent.  We cannot have a manned fire station that is already built near Witham Hill until we have that tragedy where the city council figures it out that we need it afterall.  From the my point of view as a retiree and a taxpayer this is all beginning to get a little disturbing.  Corvallis no longer seems vibrant and alive.  There is quite a bit of commercical real estate that is unoccupied....why do you think that is?  Sincerely, Stanley Moore